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Terms & Conditions

Quotations J.R. Finishers, Inc. quotes are no longer binding after 30 days of the original quotation date. J.R. Finishers, Inc. reserves the right to make revisions and/or revoke any quotations up to 24 hours after the quotation has been presented to customers. Quotations are based upon work being produced as a unit. Partial production, additional set-ups, delayed production or orders to cease production will be billed to the customer.

Over-Runs or Under-Runs J.R. Finishers, Inc. reserves the right to request a customer's purchase order prior to job production. Not exceeding 10% constitutes an acceptable delivery, unless otherwise stated on the customer's purchase order.

Alterations J.R. Finishers, Inc. reserves the right to request "Customer O.K.'s", either in person or by messenger. J.R. Finishers, Inc. cannot be held responsible for errors if work is finished per customer's ok. Verbal changes are not acceptable. Any errors occurring during production at J.R. Finishers, Inc., due to customer's verbal changes, will be the full responsibility of the customer. Made to work alterations, which are in addition to the original specifications, will be charged to the customer.

Completed Purchase Orders J.R. Finishers, Inc. requires a purchase order with all delivered work along with ruled sheets and dummies. Failure to supply the required material will relieve J.R. Finishers, Inc. of any responsibility for errors.

Press Sheets J.R. Finishers, Inc. is not responsible for movement of printed press sheets between the customer and J.R. Finishers, Inc. This is at customer's risk. Press sheets must be supplied properly jogged and securely wrapped protecting against damage which would affect the finishing operation and schedule. Failure to do so will result in additional charges, schedule charges or refusal of job.

Delivers J.R. Finishers, Inc. requires that all materials delivered from customer or customer's suppliers must be verified with delivery receipts listing cartons, packages or items shown only. The accuracy of quantities indicated on these receipts cannot be verified and the customer acknowledges that J.R. Finishers, Inc. cannot accept any responsibility for shortages on supplier's receipts.

Hand Count J.R. Finishers, Inc. does not do this on receipt of a project. J.R. Finishers, Inc. count is based upon completed pieces.

Production Schedules J.R. Finishers, Inc. and their customer will agree upon and adhered to the schedule. Any delays due to the customer or its agents shall automatically extend the production schedule. Any cost incurred due to customer delays will be charged to the customer at J.R. Finishers, Inc. rates.

Drop Shipments J.R. Finishers, Inc. will charge in addition to quoted price and are not part of delivery charges.

Deliveries J.R. Finishers, Inc. quotes all jobs as FOB. Charges related to deliveries to or from J.R. Finishers, Inc. are not included in any quotation and will be the customer's responsibility.

Terms J.R. Finishers, Inc. bases all customers to Credit Approvals. If credit is not approved, payment shall be made upon receipt of finished goods, partial or otherwise. All payments shall be net 30 days from the date of invoice.

Storage J.R. Finishers, Inc. will charge the customer at its current rates for handling and storing all customer's property held more than 30 days after completion of the order unless otherwise agreed to in writing. J.R. Finishers, Inc. reserves the right to dispose of any left overs on our floor after 30 days of job completion.

Under no Circumstances J.R. Finishers, Inc. will not be responsible for any claims whatsoever beyond the amount of our invoice. J.R. Finishers, Inc.'s, liability, if any, shall be strictly limited accordingly; nor shall J.R. Finishers, Inc.'s liability, if any, under any circumstances whatsoever include the purchaser's manufacturing cost, lost profits or good will or any other special or consequential damages whatsoever.