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Gluing Notification

The glue we use on our folders is a hot melt that is meant to hold the piece closed during mailing and yet enables the end user to open the piece. All parties involved must realize that all rubber based, latex adhesives contain oil. This oil, to some degree, will migrate out of the adhesive over time into a porous material, such as paper. Some papers are more susceptible to staining than others.

On projects that are aqueous coated or UV coated, the guide lines on the printed pieces must remain free of aqueous or UV coating. Due to the limitations discussed, and even though we agree to follow mutually agreed upon quality control procedures to insure a limited failure rate, we require that J.R. Finishers, Inc. not be held responsible for staining, amount of fiber pull, and/or adhesion on each and every piece of product. We also require a 24 hour lead time, after machine set-up, in order to verify glue adhesion to paper/ink on each project.